Election Cycle Insanity….

On election night of 2016, the American people spoke loud and clear and elected Republican Donald J. Trump as our new President. Leader of the free world…..Head honcho.

Both the primary election and general elections were tumultuous and showed that we as a nation remain quite divided on major social and political issues.

As people went about their daily lives during the elections on Facebook and Twitter, our news feeds were inundated with all sorts of “news” posts.  The legitimacy of many of these sites has come under fire, making the issue of online news slant and bias a major issue in our country.

Anyone with a modest amount of tech savvy is now able to publish just about anything they wish, with no checks and balances in place to make sure that the news is at least somewhat true. 

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook has gone so far as to ask his development team to produce filtering algorithms to help limit the amount of illegitimate news sites.

It is becoming clear that these unscrupulous sites played a large role in helping to shape the public mindset concerning the election between Trump and Hillary Clinton.

How many different news sites did you follow during the election?  Do you feel they were honest and trustworthy?  Why or why not?

Given the nature of our inalienable right to free speech, is it morally ok for sites such as Facebook to limit and censor what we are able to read online?

Relationship Marketing and You….Turn On or Turn Off?

As I go about my daily web surfing activities, searches and other “all things Internet”, I find myself coming across a large amount of offers to sign up for an email list, to participate in a survey or to join a rewards program.  

I understand that companies utilize these types of relationship building tools to help harness and strengthen customer loyalty, but let’s be honest here…..at the core of it all they are trying to sell you something.

I often get frustrated when I am exposed to these types of media messages, especially on mobile platforms such as my iPhone when I’m ususally “on-the-go” or at work.  It made me wonder how many of you actually participate or click on these links?  I personally feel violated and that I am giving up important information about myself, in return for little from the company.

Welcome to My First “Blog” Experience

I welcome everyone to my page and it is my hope that we can all collaborate to discover and explore the exciting and ever-changing world of marketing media tools in the often-crowded marketing mix.  I would love to hear from YOU about what specific types of media moves you, what inspires you and what makes you feel connected to a specific brand or company!